ZR Arms is a brand that unites manufacturers of high-quality smooth-bore, pneumatic weapons and accessories. The weapon is designed with the assistance of specialists from Germany. Production is located in Turkey, China and Russia.
Warranty on all products of ZR Arms is 1 year.

ZR Arms Air Guns were created as equivalent to products of companies such as Hatsan, Stoeger and Crosman, but at a more attractive price. Our rifles have proven themselves in countries such as the USA, Germany, Turkey and Russia.

All products are manufactured on modern high-precision equipment and undergoes multi-stage quality control. 

ZR Arms products undergo many crash tests:
 – operation at high and low temperature conditions from -20 to + 40 ° С;
 – operation in conditions of high humidity;
 – mechanical impact test;
 – shotgun shooting test for more than 4000 shots;
 – pneumatic weapon shooting test for more than 2000 shots.

Thanks to the developed network of representative offices, delivery is carried out in different parts of the world. 

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